The Museum

The Amalfi Paper Museum is housed in an old paper mill dating back to the 13th century.

This structure, unique in the world, offers its visitors the magic of going back in time and experiencing directly the ancient techniques of paper production with guided tours in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

You can admire the centuries-old machines used in the production of handmade paper: the old wooden hammers which, driven by a hydraulic wheel, beat and shred the linen, cotton and hemp rags previously collected in the mighty stone piles; the Dutch machine installed in the museum paper mill on 18 November 1745; the 18th century presses used to remove excess water from the sheets; the paper machine in circles.

All these machines for the production of paper have been restored to working order, and are operated during the visit with the strength and power of the waters of the Canneto stream to make you relive the emotion of creating a sheet of the precious handmade paper of Amalfi.

The Museum Gift Shop

The Museum Gift Shop presents the entire local production of handmade paper with writing accessories and many other products to give to visitors the opportunity to buy unforgettable souvenirs.


In the Museum you will find:

  • The ticket office and sales corner
  • The channel system and the power towers
  • The paper mill of the 13th century
  • The room of Magisters in cartarum art
  • The library “Nicola Milano”