The Paper Museum Foundation

The “Paper Museum Foundation” has always been involved in disseminating and documenting the art of handmade paper processing in Amalfi. All this is possible thanks to the work of its founder: comm. Nicola Milano.

Nicola Milano can be considered the veteran of the Amalfi paper mills, having been born on 15th November 1903. He worked in the paper mill since the age of 13, when he had to leave technical school in 1917 to replace his father who was called to arms in the First Great War. Thanks to his passion and his sacrifices, after the war, he succeeded in carrying on the three family paper mills.

Then he had to close the paper mills because it was impossible to continue to bear the onerous costs arising mainly from transport due to lack of road connections. The last one was closed in 1969 and was donated to the nascent Foundation, strongly desired by him in November 1971. He would’ve wanted to manage the great idea : the “Paper Museum”.

An idea that through many problems and vicissitudes has now become a concrete and interesting reality aimed at the preservation of the historical heritage and the revival of ancient arts such as handmade paper making.